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Sasha Whitten | The Mastermind Behind the Curtain


Sasha Whitten is a name that has been on everyone’s lips lately. She is an ambitious and determined woman who has made incredible strides in the business world. Her work as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist have propelled her to the top of the industry and made her an inspiration for many. Today, we will be taking a look at the mastermind behind the curtain: Sasha Whitten.

Who is Sasha Whitten?

Sasha Whitten is a leading figure in the media and entertainment industry. She has been responsible for creating some of themost memorable content on television, radio and streaming services. As a Creative Executive, she’s been responsible for developing groundbreaking projects and building relationships with major talent. With her impressive track record, Sasha Whitten is often referred to as the mastermind behind the curtain.
A graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Sasha Whitten has been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. She began her career at a prominent music label, where she developed projects for Grammy-winning artists. From there, she moved on to become an executive at a major production studio. Since then, she has produced content for networks like HBO, Amazon, Netflix, and many others.

What does Sasha Whitten do?

Sasha Whitten is an experienced entertainment professional, specializing in creative direction, brand partnerships, and music production. She is a mastermind behind the curtain of many successful projects, overseeing every aspect of their development and success. She has been instrumental in the launch of numerous projects, providing creative vision and production expertise. From crafting marketing strategies and developing relationships with sponsors to producing music videos and curating special events, Sasha is the creative force that helps bring these projects to life. With her deep knowledge of the industry, she is a trusted advisor to many up-and-coming artists, brands, and organizations.
What sets Sasha Whitten apart from other entertainment professionals is her expansive network. She has strong relationships with top brands, organizations, and influencers. By leveraging her connections, Sasha can provide a holistic solution for her clients and bring their vision to life. Whether it’s a music video, special event, or creative strategy, Sasha knows how to bring it all together. With her passion and expertise in the entertainment industry, Sasha Whitten is an invaluable asset to any project.

How did she get started in the industry?

Sasha Whitten began her journey in the creative industry when she was still in college, taking classes in art and design. While enrolled, Sasha had the opportunity to join an internship program at a prestigious design agency. After completing the program, she was hired as a full-time graphic designer and quickly rose through the ranks. Throughout her career, Sasha has worked for several high-profile companies, eventually becoming an art director for a major international brand. Her work has been recognized by industry professionals and peers alike, paving the way for her success today.
As Sasha’s career continued to progress, she decided to start her own business. In 2014, she founded her company, Sasha Whitten Creative Agency. Since then, she’s been using her experience in graphic design and marketing to help her clients take their brands to the next level. From website design to logo creation, Sasha has helped her clients create a lasting visual identity that stands out from the crowd. She’s a true leader in the creative industry and a role model for aspiring professionals.

What are some of her most notable achievements?

Sasha Whitten has achieved great success in the industry. As an Executive Producer, she has contributed to many award-winning films and television shows such as The Man in the High Castle, The Good Place, and Get Out. She also served as a producer on the critically acclaimed series Transparent. Furthermore, Sasha has worked closely with numerous big-name directors, including Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams. Her skills have earned her a Producers Guild of America Award nomination and three Emmy nominations. Sasha Whitten is a pioneer in her field who continues to revolutionize storytelling.


Sasha Whitten is an unstoppable force in the industry. Her unwavering dedication to her craft and her genuine passion for creating engaging content have allowed her to become a leader in the space. From creating award-winning music videos to writing best-selling books, Sasha Whitten is a multi-faceted mastermind behind the curtain. Her creativity and skill are unparalleled, and she continues to be an inspiration for creators everywhere. For more information visit our website.



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